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Bodu Hithi


Coco Collection, with its portfolio of options, offers an inspirational stay wherever you choose. However, we are united by a set of values that we refer to as our SPIRIT. More than just words, it is a promise we make to every guest, driving us to continuously look for new ways to make every stay a collection of special moments.

The Coco SPIRIT is:
SURPRISING: Whether it's remembering your favourite table for dinner, or sharing a welcome drink when you arrive, we pride ourselves on offering special, surprising moments that help to make memories that last forever.

PROACTIVE: We listen to our guests and anticipate their needs. Let us take your stay to another level by going the extra mile on your behalf, leaving more of your precious time free to spend as you choose.

INDIVIDUAL: Like our guests, no two properties within Coco Collection are the same. We recognise your individuality and want you to enjoy a truly unique experience at every stage of your journey.

RESPONSIBLE: The need to be sustainable and ecological in our outlook is something we recognise in everything that we do. We care for the environment and support the local community.

INSPIRING: The Coco experience is one that inspires and renews. From the sensation of escape and tranquillity you feel as you gaze at the ocean to the tailored choices that we offer every day. It's the ideal time for creativity, dreams and ideas.

TIMELESS: Rooted in tradition and authenticity, Coco Collection is truly timeless in its approach. Everything we do is reflective of the local customs and culture and never feels out of place or out of date.