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Coco Collection has partnered with several conservation programmes and charities by providing data for their research and spreading awareness about these causes which are close to our hearts. 


Olive Ridley Project Turtle ID

In addition to our work together on the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, we work with the Olive Ridley Project on their Turtle Identification programme by providing Photo-ID sightings from both resorts.

This data is added to their global database, which is one of the biggest turtle databases in the world. Through Photo-ID, the Olive Ridley Project scientists can better understand migratory and nesting patterns of different species of turtles. This allows them to create more efficient conservation strategies to protect not only Olive Ridleys, but all species of sea turtles which are all endangered.


Manta Trust

Manta Trust is a UK-based charity that coordinates global research and conservation efforts to protect Manta Rays. The Maldivian Manta Ray Project is the Maldivian chapter of the charity and is the founding project of the charity.

The Maldivian reef manta population is the largest population of reef mantas in the world, with over 50,000 photo-ID sightings.

We work with Manta Trust by sending them photo-ID sightings, in order to contribute to their ongoing research to better understand patterns of behaviour within the Manta Ray population of the Maldives.


Shark Watch

The Maldives Shark Watch programme was created by the Ministry of Tourism in order to eradicate the exploitation of sharks, to raise awareness about the different species of the sharks found in the country, and to protect and research the local shark populations.

We contribute to the Shark Watch programme by providing data on the types of sharks found near our resorts as well as numbers during sightings. This data helps researchers to learn more about shark populations as well as behavioural patterns.


Kind Traveler

We are a proud partner of Kind Traveler, the first socially conscious Give + Get hotel booking platform that empowers travellers to positively impact the communities they visit.

Travellers who book Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu can unlock special rates & perks on Kind Traveler upon a $10 donation to the Olive Ridley Project, helping to rescue and rehabilitate injured sea turtles in the Indian ocean. 100% of the donation is given to the charity creating a triple win amongst the traveller, charity, and us.