Coco Inspired Dessert Recipe- Yuzo Pina Colada

Oct, 19 2017

Holidays are just around the corner! We are all looking forward to the scrumptious festive meals, and what is a luscious meal without a sweet dessert to finish it. 

Our chefs at Coco Bodu Hithi are happy to share this very special dessert recipe, Yuzo Pina Colada from STARS, our Maldives Restaurant Bar

Here is your recipe guide to make this mouthwatering dessert.

1.    Coconut Mousse
       •    Boil the coconut puree and icing sugar, once boiled add the soaked gelatin in to the mixture.
       •    Beat the cream and add the coconut puree & gelatin mixture 

2.    Passion Fruit Crèmeux
      •    Boil the Passionfruit puree and sugar       
      •    Beat the eggs & the egg yolks using a hand mixture and add it to the boiling mixture.       
      •    Remove the mixture from heat & add the soaked gelatin. 
      •    Let the mixture cool for some time and add the butter when it’s slightly warm.
      •    Take a small mould and pour the passion fruit Crèmeux and freeze.
      •    Take another mould (bigger than the passionfruit Crèmeux) put a thin layer of the coconut mousse and let freeze.
      •    Unmould the passionfruit Crèmeux.
      •    Place the passionfruit Crèmeux on top of the coconut mousse mould,
           pour the rest of coconut mousse on top of passionfruit Crèmeux. 
      •    Freeze and unmould.

3.    Lemon Glaze
       •    Boil Lemon puree, water, and glucose & agar together.
       •    Add the soaked gelatine to the mixture and finally add few drops of yellow coloring to bring out the color.
       •    Take the unmould coconut dome, place it on a net and pour the lemon glaze (warm) two times.
       •    Then you will get the yellow color yuzo pina colada

4.    Coconut Sponge 
       •    Whip the warmed eggs on high speed and gradually add the granulated sugar until ribbon stage (about 5 minutes)
       •    Mix all together with  Almond powder, desiccated coconut.
       •    Bake 200c’ for 10 minutes.

5.   Cream coconut foam
      •    Beat Coconut puree,proespuma and Zamthum gum using a hand mixer & keep aside
      •    Black Sesame Micro Sponge
      •    Mix all the ingredients and put in the Siphon Whipper and add 02 Nitrogen gas 
      •    Rest for 02 hours.

6.   Caramelized Pineapple
      •    Cut few pineapple rings ½ cm, make sure rings are circles in shape and stem removed.
      •    Caramelize the sugar and add the pineapple rings.

7.  Plating
     •    Take the plate, place coconut sponge cut into a circle shape, top of it place the pineapple ring,
           and top of it the Pina colada dome.
     •     Some cream coconut form around the Pina colada dome top of it put some pieces of microsponge around the
           Pina colada again top of microsponge pieces put some cream coconut form.   
     •    Garnish with some watermelon / frozen cherry and micro herbs


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