The Island Dweller, Lola

Jun, 19 2024

A Sea Turtles Day Special

As we honour and highlight the importance of sea turtles, Coco Collection is dedicated to supporting conservation by helping to monitor our local turtle populations, protect our turtle nests, and host rescue efforts with our onsite Olive Ridley Project veterinary team.

Meet Lola, the island dweller who is very dear to our hearts as we mark this day. Lola is regularly recorded around the island and is frequently spotted by our guests who swim through our house reef to our lush seagrass meadows.

In 2023, a unique hawkbill nesting event occurred at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu. After conducting an analysis on land and gathering nesting data, our team determined that Lola was our first hawkbill to nest on the island. Our nesting data collection includes taking identification pictures after the nesting female has laid her eggs. Using red light, the team captured pictures of her face, which show the area of the turtles’ unique scale pattern.

In November 2023, guests and the team witnessed Lola's nest hatch at sunset, with 119 hawksbill hatchlings making their way into the same seagrass where their mother forages! The hawksbill turtle, designated as "critically endangered," is on the verge of extinction in the wild, making this nest a notable success.

This is especially noteworthy because it is the first time in the Maldives that a sea turtle has been observed nesting and foraging on the same island!

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