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Coco Cares

It’s not just something we say – Coco really does care about the unique ecosystem and culture we inhabit.

We promote awareness about ongoing environmental issues within the region and connect with like-minded individuals to discuss ways in which we as a company and as part of the local community can help protect the environment and its inhabitants.

We provide a nesting site for Green Sea turtles

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is a nesting site for Green Sea turtle, which are an endangered species. On the IUCN Red list of threatened species, these beautiful, peaceful creatures need all the help they can get to protect their nests from predators. A dedicated marine biologist is on hand to protect the eggs, monitor the nests for hatchlings, and relocate the nests to safer ground if required. During the nesting season, our team releases the baby turtles into the ocean, so that their survival rates are increased. Guests can join in with this happy coming-of-age moment.

We rescue and rehabilitate turtles in trouble

Home to the first turtle rescue centre in partnership with the Olive Ridley Project, we are the only Maldivian resort with a resident veterinary surgeon dedicated to looking after injured turtles. The centre is equipped to look after entangled turtles, provide them with required treatments and rehabilitate them. Since their establishment in 2013, the Olive Ridley Project has been working with dedicated individuals who are keen to support the project by removing ghost nets that have been abandoned or lost in the ocean, continuing to entangle vulnerable marine animals.

Maldives Sustainability is at the heart

Apart from our immense contribution to all the marine life identification programs in the Maldives, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is committed to sustainable behaviour. We host an on-site drinkable water production and glass bottling plant, supported by a comprehensive waste management centre that recycles materials such as aluminium, glass, and styrofoam. To minimise waste and the danger of pollution, plastic bags and bottles are banned with recyclable materials used instead. Guests are empowered to recycle too.

We grow our own

Adored by our chefs, the herb garden on the island provides guests with a selection of organic, home-grown herbs, fruits and vegetables. The harvest is not only fresher than fresh; we cut out the impact of food miles by importing these ingredients to the island. Once a week, you can experience a signature Maldivian dinner at the garden, with our chefs taking you through each course as they explain the inspiration behind the exclusive menu.

Keep an eye on our Coco Cares blog for news on how we’re doing.