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Breeze Magazine

Breeze is our quarterly magazine – a collection of Maldives articles, stories, reviews and images that capture the essence of our tropical paradise.

The people who live, work and create here are given the spotlight and a chance to represent the unique character of the Maldives. In each edition, we try to conjure the wonder of travel – how it feels, what it means and how it can inspire, stimulate, refresh and restore us. We use the pages to bring to life the natural island culture, looking at traditional crafts, timeless cuisine, and modern-day methodology.

We dive below the surface with our marine experts and share in the secrets of the deep. We reveal the evolution of our geology, ecology and biology. We also invite readers to learn more about how our chefs, ceremony planners, and Lifestyle Hosts make a Coco destination the ultimate Maldivian utopia.

BREEZE ISSUE 9, The Illustrious March of Kings

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